Sunday, June 27, 2010

Meditation + Affirmations + Alexandra Jaye Johnson

(Awakening Kundalini by Kelly Howell)

I think meditation is pretty amazing. The inner peace, calm spirit and present moment it shares are what most of us are missing in our lives on a consistent basis. It's nice to be able to take a half hour a day to get centered and enjoy the amazing health benefits it brings. :)

When I practiced yoga regularly, I was somewhat able to get my fix. Since that time- (which has been quite a while) I had been meaning to get back into it... and I did. It all started when my favourite goddess, dear friend and mentor, Alexandra Jaye Johnson invited me to be a part of her first Goddess Training Program (which is totally AWESOME btw. Video below gives you some further insights into the rockin program).

In part of her program, Alexandra shared audios she produced. Alexandra was kind enough to share one of her latest affirmation audios with HHB readers, Beautify Purify and Simplify- you can find it HERE. She also shared some suggestions for meditation audios she enjoys and uses on a regular basis. Thanks Alexandra!!! :)
(Goddess Alexandra with green goodness!)

The first is Kelly Howell of Brain Sync and the other is Holosync by Center Point. Both have science behind them- clinically proven to retrain your brain. The difference is Howell talks you through her's and Holosync is a mix of bells, charms and natural sounds. Howell has a very soothing voice and every time I listen to it it works like a charm. There are other times I just want some tunes and for that I am trying out Holosync. So far so good. I've practicing these meditations on a regular basis for about a month (Holosync for less) and though I generally sleep like a baby, I do feel like I experienced a deeper slumber when I wake up.

I've tried just sitting there and listening to my breath, but I get fidgety and I am grateful for these options. What ever works for you... I think the benefits are the same as long as you are taking the time for you. Ommmmm.

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