Thursday, May 13, 2010

Transforming NYC Streets: Janette Sadik-Khan

"We understand the imperative of sustainability" -Janette Sadik-Khan

>This is an older video but still very viable. It's interesting to see the transformation and to be reminded of how it was. Hats off to her. Sadik-Khan and her team have moved rather quickly. I have to say I am such a big fan of Street Films as well (though you probably have guessed that already). Cheers!

Straight to the Source

Since taking over as New York City's Commissioner of the Department of Transportation in mid-2007, Janette Sadik-Khan has taken on the challenge of making NYC streets more bike & pedestrian friendly while emphasizing livable streets and re-orienting them to accommodate all modes. She and her staff have done it quickly with innovative concepts, thinking outside the box and drawing on successful street designs from around the world to come up with a NYC model that is already changing the way our city feels.

In our exclusive Streetfilms interview, she talks with The Open Planning Project's Executive Director, Mark Gorton, about some of the highlights her department has achieved in a very short period of time including a physically-separated bike lane on Ninth Avenue, multiple pedestrian plazas (including Madison Square and Broadway Boulevard), new efforts to boost efficiency and speeds on some bus routes, and the city's phenomenally successful, Ciclovia-style closure "Summer Streets".

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