Monday, May 31, 2010

Snuba Snuba + Coral Reefs Baby!

(Jodi Taylor, Owner + Instructor
If you've always have wanted to do scuba and just never had the time to get certified, snuba is just as good- if not better... especially if you just want to try it out. Snuba is an unique, patented shallow water diving system, bridging the gap between snorkeling and scuba diving. If you like snuba (ie you're okay with breathing underwater), most likely you will like scuba.

(Image: Jodi Taylor)

Snuba is just like scuba except that 1) you do not have to be certified 2) you don't have to carry a heavy tank on your back and 3) you can only go to about 20 feet deep.

The scuba tanks are pretty heavy too- at 70lbs it's way more than half of what I weigh so for beginners it's nice that you don't have to deal with that right off the bat. With snuba your "air tank" floats at the top of the surface and a cord that brings oxygen to you.

(Snuba gear on the beach ready for another expedition)

There is an amazing Marine Park in Turks and Caicos, and Snuba is the #1 thing to do on the island! Now that I did it- I can easily understand why. Jodi is super cool and a really good "tour" guide. She makes sure everyone is feeling comfy and we got to see a ton of cool stuff! Aside from many pretty colorful fish, we saw lobsters, shrimp, seahorses and much more. Some people saw turtles and it just takes your breath away. Exploring an "unknown" gorgeous underwater world and not hurting anything- MAGNIFICENT!

Unfortunately, the pictures and video I took came out really murkey and un-colorful, but i swear that was not the case at all. I spent each day out there checking it out and was in complete awe of these natural wonders.

The sad part about the reef is even with most of it being buoyed off many people are still touching things they shouldn't be, thus ruining (ie killing!) the coral! After seeing Coral Reef Adventure, and the many reefs that are disappearing at an alarming rate I too can tell this reef- even in all it's beauty isn't what it once was, and will definitely disappear in the near future. So sad!

Snuba Turks and Caicos
Go beyond snorkeling!
Jodi takes groups of 4 out
9am, 11am and 1pm.
Contact for more info as schedules may change.

Scuba's up next... :)

p.s. For clips of us snuba-ing please check out the videos HERE + HERE. Cheers!

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