Sunday, May 9, 2010

Shop: Canoe

Not sure how I happened upon Canoe, but I really like their aesthetic. A few items caught my eye...

First up is: Pendleton National Park Series Blankets.
Love the simplicity, the colors and style.

While blankets from Scandinavia are sought after for their quality and beauty, we won’t overlook the treasures in our own backyard: we appreciate this collection of Portland-based Pendleton blankets for their bold patterns and saturated colors. Designed to honor the national parks for which they are named, each blanket is made of 100% virgin wool, reflecting Pendleton’s long tradition of quality. Use as a throw blanket, or top blanket to spread over a bed during colder months.

Next: Stelton Oil Lamp.
I've come close many times to getting one of these. Always just wasn't sure about inhaling in the burning oil but I suppose I do that on a regular basis being in the city. I love everything about this one however.

Pure and elemental in form, this oil lamp sits apart from the typically fussy and nostalgic examples of this product type. Hand crafted in Denmark, it features a base made of 18/8 stainless steel and a borosilicate glass shade that protects the flame, making the lamp suitable for indoor or outdoor use.

Last but not least: Handbag Hook.
A client was using one of these recently and I thought it was so clever. Many places here have hooks for all your gear, but alas some still do not. This one's beauty is not only in it's function, but also in it's perfectly simplistic non flashy design.

While enjoying an evening out dining or drinking, keep your handbag close at hand and off the floor with this handy hook. The disc portion lies flat on most tabletops with the chromed steel hook suspending your bag below. When not in use, the hook folds flat allowing for compact storage in pocket or handbag. An ideal gift for the chronically forgetful, it ensures they'll never leave their bag behind again

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