Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dervaes Family aka Urban Homestead On Private Chefs of Beverly Hills

Urban Homestead/Path to Freedom (Dervaes Family) was featured on, Private Chefs of Beverly Hills in 4 parts. They are pretty well known as they have a completely sustainable farm in their backyard in Pasadena, California and make a living selling their food.

I didn't realize they were completely off the grid- they have it all... from solar powered and clay ovens to bicycle powered blenders. The chefs are there to make dishes featuring only what they've grown and raised on their land using their off the grid "appliances". It's pretty cool to see their set up as well. Check it out. Their feature begins on 7:14.

Begins around 5:14.

Begins on 3:23 and then restarts again at 7:42.

Starts 4:14.

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