Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Survived a Brain Tumor

(Photo: Douglas Friedman)

"So much of this time has been about appreciating life in the moment. If you focus, you will discover that even the hard ones have something beautiful to them. Life is so fast, it feels important to stop and freeze and appreciate the now. Even if the now is being stuck in hideous traffic with a flat tire, I bet if you look there's a doughnut shop across the street. So just before I lose control, I take a breath and try to remember that there's always something sweet just around the corner." -Tara Subkoff

If you love anything "fashion" you might be aware of Tara Subkoff... infamous designer who created the label, Imitation of Christ and became what seemed a muse and trendsetter over night. You might also know she was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the height of her "then" career. Subkoff shares with Harper's Bazaar a little about her story. She is a survivor. I find her conclusion no different than those I know who have suffered and faced death... inspiring, grateful and yes- even at the most difficult and trying times has a cheery outlook. There is a bright side to everything.

Full article can be found HERE.

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