Thursday, April 22, 2010

Death & Co

(Beautiful doors I passed by a zillion times. It's easy to miss.)

What's funny about Death & Co is that it was right around the corner from my old digs and I probably walked by it a zillion times- yet I never noticed it. This is yet another reason why I love New York... there is always something to be discovered- even right under your nose.

I am not a regular drinker by any means and the drinks here other than being deliciously different are STRONG. It's a cool space, but if you go at the height of the night you'll have to wait as they keep tabs on the crowds inside and there is limited seating.

My drink of choice this evening was "Tea in the Sahara". A whiskey blend of green tea with coconut infused something, something else, homemade honey syrup and lemon drops? Don't quote me cause I can't read my photograph too well, and my memory only remembers the taste... I would have it again.

I hear sitting at the bar is quite the experience as each drink is assembled like a piece of art. Worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood...

Death & Co.
433 E. 6th St., New York, NY 10009
Between First Ave and Ave. A

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