Saturday, April 24, 2010

Caffe Falai

Caffe Falai is my all time favourite Italian restaurant in the city. It's run by Italians who seem like they just got to the States, and they want you to enjoy your food. It's tastefully decorated with beautiful white mini tile and adorned with crystal chandeliers... and yet it's understated. Cafe sized as the name suggests- and hard to find the first time round, but well worth the search.

oyster, porcini and baby French horn mushrooms with parmigiano, chestnut honey

cannellini beans, Italian spelt and rosemary

Over time their portions have gotten a tad bigger, but in reality their portions are just about right. Every single person I know who has gone with or without me ends up raving good things... dare I say as much as I?

This last time I choose a light salad (beautiful, right?) and some amazing soup. Delicious. They have amazing focaccia breads, other breads and treats to go. BTW... their chocolate moon cake is heavenly. Devour + Enjoy + Indulge!

Caffe Falai
265 Lafayette St NYC 10012
212 274 8615

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