Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vogue: Slow Food

(Image from HERE)

Yes, I devoured Vogue. In fact, I have more articles to share with you from them. I was surprised at the number of articles related to food in one issue. Although, it makes sense... I think it's safe to say fashionistas want to look their best. What I think is so great is people are realizing that quick fixes and fad diets are just that. There are no shortcuts, but in reality it is really quite simple.

I couldn't find this article online, but I did scan it in and you can view + read it HERE. It's all about being more mindful when eating. You should also (if you haven't already) check out my post on Alice Waters who is the mother of the Slow Food movement, and the founder of The Edible School Yard. Great interview on 60 Minutes- all can be found HERE.

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