Monday, March 1, 2010

Japanese Made Scouring Cloths

(Photo: Hannah Whitaker)
Straight to the Source

I thought these were pretty cool. Save those corncobs + peach pits.

Last week’s miserable “wintry mix” notwithstanding, the time for spring-cleaning is nigh. Start by upgrading one of your most-used washing utensils: the scrubber. These Japanese-made scouring cloths ($6.95 at Green Depot, 222 Bowery, nr. Prince St.; 917-533-7273) get their abrasive edge from corncobs and peach pits, so they’ll attack pot-roast residue without taking the finish off your cookware. The spaghetti-like design is flexible enough to squeeze into tight corners, leaving pans immaculate and ready for a nice light garden sauté.

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