Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guerrilla Gardening

(The benefits of Guerrilla Gardening- AFTER
Photo: Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening)

Photo: Los Angeles Guerrilla Gardening)

I am not advocating vandalism or graffiti... but I find it quite odd that "guerrilla gardening" is technically classified in the same way- it's a crime (they don't have permission from town or state). These guerrilla gardeners are gardening a space no one claims (abandoned pieces of land) and they make it look really nice. They supply their own plants, flowers, soil, and time. How is this a crime?

It's believed Guerrilla Gardening started in New York, in the early 70's before spreading all over the world. LA joined in last year and if you are in the area they have an upcoming event on Feb 5th. More info can be found HERE.

There is this video below which Columbia Sportwear put together (really?) and also another great one I am not able to embed, which can be found HERE.

(Seed Bombs
Image from Heavy Petal)

They talk a bit about "seed balls/bombs" (or WAF: Weapons of Mass Fertilization)- which are the only type of bombs we should have. A great recipe and article on how to make seed bombs can be found at

Here's what you'll need to get started, but take a look at the article for more instructions.

5 parts dry red clay* (protects)
3 parts dry organic compost (nutrients)
1 part seed**
1 - 2 parts water

Some more links if you are interested...
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GuerrillaGardening.Org- community
GreenGuerrillas.Org- NYC

Get gardening!

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