Monday, January 11, 2010

Eco Fabrics

(Yah for eco-friendly fabrics!)

In addition to loving health and happiness... I've always had an affinity for well made + designed clothing. Creating makes me happy... and I love to design my own clothes.

While in Los Angeles, not to long ago I was delighted to head back to my favourite old jaunt, Michael Levine and discover they had a huge "eco-friendly" fabric section. Of course I loaded up.

(Look at the selection! Heaven!)

Now you'd think New York would have a better selection being fashion capitol of the USA, but sadly they don't. It's way more expensive, space is limited and it's just not as good of a selection. So I'll give LA a point for their fabrics (NY even with it's cold weather wins my heart every day). If you are not able to get out to LA for fabric shopping, there are limited sources in NYC such as Mood Fabrics, but also many online. I got to get sewing.

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