Monday, January 18, 2010

60 Minutes: Haiti

I have mixed thoughts about posting tragedies such as this. Not because I am pretending it isn't happening- I am well aware. It's just that (all) the media is already reporting on it... should I as well? My hesitation is because I don't want to keep this in my vibration or yours.

But, after seeing this piece... it was hard to imagine- especially when we are so far removed. It should humble us all a little bit. Appreciate all that we have and be grateful. Do what we can and keep them in our thoughts. Please note: There are some images that are disturbing. Otherwise another good piece from 60 Minutes... and still with mixed feelings I am sharing it with you.

p.s. now you know why if I don't post about something such as this... it is strictly because of the above.

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