Thursday, December 17, 2009

Blue Gold: World Water Wars- Must See!

"A river is the life blood of an ecosystem just like the veins and arteries bring blood to the every part of our organism. When we have choked arteries that's what's called a heart attack. A dam is the choking of the artery of the planet." - Vandana Shiva (Physicist. Ecologist. Activist + Author of "Water Wars")

(Iguazu Waterfall in Paraguay... the next big commodity
Image borrowed from: Lemarsh Files)

I know I've shared this before... but now I've seen it. Wowsers!

I had it for a long time and put it off watching it. Why? Because as much as I wanted to see it- I equally didn't. Your blood might boil but you will be glad you saw it. It will make you... mad, sad, and most importantly aside from all the thinking it will have you doing- it may inspire you to act. The good news is that there are solutions out there.

YES to everyone having easy access to good, clean water versus the privatization of water, corporate greed and theft. And what is the deal with our country sometimes? We are sooooo not mindful of others. It bums me out. SERIOUSLY rent this. Share this. Educate yourself. Trailer below.

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