Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pumpkin Bread French Toast


I came across Orwasher's Bakery stand while at the local farmers market in Dumbo and had to indulge in some beautiful pumpkin bread. What sold me was the idea of making it into French Toast as suggested by the baker. So we indulged. I have to say I usually do not mix eggs with carbs. Why? Well a carb and a protein do not digest well together. They each need different enzymes to digest and when you combine them those enzymes they cancel each other out and generally the food will sit in your belly- which is not good. However, I made an exception for this pumpkin french toast. Plus we take enzymes (Multizyme + Zypan by Standard Process) so not to worry to much.
(How can one resist this gorgeous loaf?)

And as you can see we did indulge. Anthony whipped up some whole cream from Milk Thistle along with 2 vanilla beans and a drop of maple syrup. We also had some butter and more maple syrup along with those raspberries. It was REALLY good. Try It.

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