Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Blue Hill Farm

Blue Hill Farm exceeded all my expectations.

First, we got lucky with "odd" New York weather... odd in November means sunny and warm out. Plus, gorgeous clear skies and we were out of the city... in Tarrytown off the Hudson.

(The best champagne and that little appetizer had us all wanting more)

The best part of this gorgeous day was that we got to enjoy it with friends.

(Love the presentation)

We had the most delicious appetizers, champagne, and wine with every course. The food was picked and prepared momentarily before our arrival from the farm and paired with other fresh goodness from other local farms. Bluehill Farms partners up with other great farms in their neighborhood, contained within a 250 mile radius. Below are some pictures from the meal... I was so focused on eating that I forgot to shoot every one.

Fennel Soup
apple, american paddlefish caviar (I skipped this)
Pascal Pauget Macon Terroir de Tournus' Burgundy, France 2007

Handmade Cavatelli
locally foraged mushrooms
August Kessler Spatburgunder Rhiengau, Germany 2004

Calliflower Substitute for Loin of Beef
carrots and brussels sprouts from the field
Camiligano Brunello di Montalcino Tuscany, Italy 2003

It is one of the most decadent meals I've had to date, and I loved it even more knowing it was from the farm. The service was amazing- there was a waiter for each of us and the presentation was lovely.

You are free to roam the grounds. They have plenty of gardens and greenhouses. We saw wild flowers, turkeys, chickens and pigs. All free range, looking healthy and happy.



Lots of Chickens- they didn't keep still

Blue Hill Farm, is extremely elegant (yes- even with the farm animals) and spectacular- aside from any weather. I can't wait to go back. Make a date!

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