Monday, October 12, 2009

Old-Style Life Skills by Motherhouse

I love what this organization is all about!

If you can... you really should check this out. I've long thought it was such a shame that "craft-ey" or "old-style life" skills such as knitting, sewing and the like are only a novelty these days by a very few people. And the same goes for making sourdough bread from scratch, canning foods, cheese making... the list goes on. So you can imagine how much I jumped for joy when I came across this brochure.

(They just carved these spoons!
Image: MotherHouseNews blog)

Unfortunately, (and only from my distance perspective) the classes are held in Cornwall, Connecticut, which is a wee bit far from NYC (about 2.5 hours). If you are close or you can- I highly suggest you check it out.

(Making Jam
Image: MotherHouseNews Blog)

For more information please check out their site HERE and their blog HERE. How cool is this??? And if you know about classes such as these in your neck of the woods, please share with all of us here in comment form. Yah for old-style life skills!!! :)

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