Sunday, October 25, 2009

Composting: San Francisco Leads The Way

Instead of trying to make the ridiculous swine flu shot mandatory- what everyone should focus their attention on is composting.

San Francisco is leading the way. Mayor Newsom signed the nation's first mandatory composting law back in June of this year and the residents and businesses of San Francisco now have 6 weeks (which began on October 21stst) to start composting. San Francisco already diverts more than 70% of it's waste from landfills and it hopes to eliminate all landfill waste by 2020. This is a law all states need to adopt.

In the meantime, start composting. In NYC, at the green market you can drop off your scraps at the Lower East Side Ecology stand- they will happily take them and turn them into plant food.

We recently, started our own compost at home and cannot believe how many precious scraps (egg shells, veggie + fruit scraps, juice pulp, etc) we were throwing away. It's really easy. The worms love it and we will have great plant food for all of our plants.

Check out these cool videos about San Francisco's program. Let's follow the leader.

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