Thursday, August 6, 2009

Minnesota in August + Local Food

(Ain't she a beauty?)

I love taking pictures in the morning- when the sun is coming up and it's really quiet and still- everything sort of sparkles and glows. I get that ahhhhh feeling all over. Really so peaceful and full of beauty... and in particular this describes Anthony's "garden". Referring to it as so (hence the quotes) cracks me up because it is really quite massive. I haven't had a chance to see it till now and am quite impressed. Everything's healthy and lush and growing like crazy.

(Some pretty tall cucumber plants)

(Anthony in the middle of his well loved Persimmon + Fig trees)

We went to the local farmers market the other day- very small albeit it was lovely to witness it's presence and be able to pick up a few things. We also picked up some grass fed, free-roaming chicken eggs from a local farmer.

Eating local is not only ideal for all the environmental + health benefits it offers, but also because it is so very tasty (seriously the best eggs ever), and eating from your own garden is that much better. The tomatoes from Anthony's garden were divine... and we picked them about 5 minutes before we made them into some yummy salsa.

This is off topic a bit, but there is something about "yellow" of late... the yellow tomatoes and golden raspberries were definitely tastier than their red counterparts. I bet it has something to do with the glow!

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