Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Local Grass Fed Fresh Eggs vs Organic Cage Free Eggs

(Pardon the pepper)

Lately, we have been spoiled with very local and very fresh food. I am lovin' it! :)

While in Minnesota we loaded up with farm fresh eggs- all from grass fed free-range chickens from the local country store that was selling them for a limited time (in season). Of course, we brought some back with us. When we do not have access to them we generally either buy from the NY local Farmers Markets or Trader Joe's brand of Organic Cage Free eggs.

Both are "organic" per se, but the difference is quite clear. The eggs from Minnesota are bright orange and the ones from TJs are not. There is quite a difference in the nutrients when they are out really roaming and eating grass and bugs of the season. One thing I will say is that the one's from TJs have a good shape- they should be round and plump like that. While you can... definitely take advantage.

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