Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Vegetable Orchestra- Made From Fresh Veggies!

(Some of their Veggie Instruments)

The Vegetable Orchestra, founded in 1988 in Vienna, designs, creates, and performs music solely on instruments made from fresh vegetables. Their flutes, for example are made from carrots, pumpkins make basses, and leeks make violins.

Aside from, "vegetable", they like to say their music is "influenced by experimental contemporary, electronic music, musique concrete, noise, improvised music, and pop music". The group contains 11 musicians at this time and they are not all vegetarians or vegans and are rather annoyed by this question- as they've been asked "3 million times".

The left over from making the instruments is used to make a vegetable soup which they share with the audience after the concert. The other is either given away or goes into organic waste.

They definitely have a unique sound and story, plus they perform all over the world. For more information and to see their Q & A click HERE.

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