Thursday, June 25, 2009

Union Square Farmer's Market

New York sadly missed Spring this year- and the way it's going it seems we might be skipping Summer as well. Boo I say! In the spirit of staying positive... I am grateful for the Union Square Farmer's Market- not only for it's fresh local organic fare, but because it is filled with gorgeous flowers that are a welcomed stark contrast to the gloomy weather.

(Gorgeous Peonies- I think they might be my favorite!)

(I Heart Flowers!)

(Caught in a crazy downpour! It was tres' romantic however...)

The Union Square Farmer's Market is Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday- always busy, even if it's raining. There are more and more organic (everything is local) vendors to choose from all the time. Many follow organic practices, but do not get certified due to the cost. There are also conventional choices - local- yes, but not as favorable as the organic (ie. non-GMO, no chemicals/pesticides/herbicides, etc).

I think everyone should ask. It makes the vendors 1. aware that there are knowledgeable consumers looking for the best kind food they can get and 2. makes them think maybe they should be growing more sustainably as well.

("Pardon me, have these strawberries been doused in chemicals?")

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if every vendor was required to clearly list if they are certified organic, using organic methods- or what?? It's our right to know... and not just at farmer's markets- but everywhere! Hopefully, in the near future all local producers will be producing and selling only "organic" or "environmentally-friendly" and we won't have to ask anymore. :)

For more information about the local green markets- click HERE.

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